Join the 1st European Make-a-thon

What is the European Make-a-thon?

There is a global movement of concerned citizens who are working to find the best way to prepare youth for the real world. In fact 75% of key experts worldwide are not satisfied with our current educational systems ( The 1st European Make-a-thon (Barcelona and Newcastle) will bring together teens, educators, and makers to realize new solutions to fill this gap.

During the MAKE-a-thon teens will share their challenges of becoming adults and facing the real world. Educators, makers and other participants will work with teens to design hands-on activities promoting the life skills necessary to deal with their unique challenges.

On the first day we will offer a fun activities and mentorship that will help form solid teams ready to make amazing activities. Each team will create a YouTube pitch, which will also be used to attract teens for the try-out faire on the second day. The second day there will be an open try-out faire for teens to participate and evaluate each activity. One lucky team will be chosen to have their activity implemented in a school or learning center.

Make-a-thon is a Maker Month activity, which is part of Maker Faire UK, presented by Life Science Centre and supported by the Reece Foundation and Make Magazine. For more information visit

Who will benefit from joining the MAKE-a-thon?

We welcome educators, teens, makers, and anyone passionate about supporting youth. Participants will get a chance to develop numerous skills, learn new teaching methods, and more!

Teenagers (15-22 years old) have the chance to learn important 21st Century life and career skills: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, & Collaboration.

Educators and teachers will get a chance to explore new teaching methods to help connect material to the real world including design thinking and the use of hands-on learning.

Makers, inventors and other creative participants will discover new workshop ideas and learn how to utilize design thinking.

Sounds Awesome! How Can I Join?

Newcastle - 25th of March

Commercial Union House
39 Pilgrim Street

Barcelona - 1st of April

MOB Barcelona
Carrer de Bailèn, 11



+ Coffee

30 min

Mario Christiner

Makeathon Intro

What is the Makeathon, schedule and categories.

30 min

Mario Christiner

Maker & Tech Educator Preparing Youth for the 21st Century

Team Building

Circuit of mini challenges to measure the working flow with other participants + team forming around shared challenges.

60 min


Ideation to come up with possible solutions.

60 min


Lunch time with a special menu from our partner Delhicioso!

60 min


Each team has 5 mins to explain their concept + Q&A

60 min


Make it interactive!  

120 min

Video recording + Pitches

We will let you know about this, on the event!

60 min


Share your insights and give us feedback.

30 min


Frequently Asked Questions

What is included on the price?

The price includes basic materials to create your prototype. Each day we’ll welcome you with coffee and pastries. During the day we offer a lunch as well as drinks and snacks.

How can I Support Make-a-thon?

The Make-a-thin is organized by talented and crazy enough people that do it for free, with the aim of improving the future of our youth. Sponsorship are more than welcome.

If you want to be a mentor, please send us an email to with the subject: 1 crazy more!

Can I stay the night at the venue?

No. This event is like a hackathon, but the venue will close so you can rest and prepare for the next day.

Can we take photos and videos?

Of course! In fact we encourage participants to share on social media with the tag #Makeathon. But, if you are going to take pictures of other people, please ask first.

Can participants come for just one day?

MAKE-a-thon participants are encouraged to attend both days. This is especially important as it’s a team event. However, teens do have the option of staying both days OR just attending the try out faire on Sunday from 11:00 to 13:00. Only full-time teen participants get a meal and are eligible for the prize.

I still have more questions!

Don’t panic 🙂 Just send us an email to: asking it. We will be delighted to answer.

Join Us! The future of our youth is in your hands.

Newcastle: 25th of March | Barcelona: 1st of April


+ Mentors that will guide you during this fun weekend!


Mario Christiner



Iva Pérez



Ian Simmons



Lindsey Stevenson



Ian Collingwood



Laura Zambelli Sessona



Jordan Woodgate



The awesome partners who helped turn this Make-a-thon into reality


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